PTSD can we really be free!

Stress reliefA wise man once said, “in a mad world only the mad are sane”.

During these exceedingly difficult and different times, living with Coronavirus, can sometimes feel like a mad world.

Every person has a different experience of living with Coronavirus. Some have lost family and/or friends. Others know people working in healthcare with direct exposure to the virus daily. How does the Coronavirus impact on your personal and private life?

How is this affecting you?

Are you experiencing increased levels of anxiety and distress every time you hear Coronavirus? A friend of mine, Diana, has been using the Bellabee for the previous six years with incredible results.

The Bellabee can be used in the comfort of your own home. Diana personally found the Bellabee to be a great alternative as she did not have success with counselling. Whilst Diana tells me that she felt she had few alternatives following her first counselling experience for relationships; I reach out to others feeling the same – there are many different styles of counselling. Here at RelationshipsPTSD we use Life Coaching as the core component of our counselling, making You the Centre of the counselling experience. Some techniques used can force you back into that negative state you are trying to escape. This technique is of little value in building a safe, purposeful and contented life. At RelationshipsPTSD we recognize You are the Most Important Person in the counselling experience, not the person you are seeking counselling because of.

Our focus is your future, not the past.

Can the Bellabee help me

So lets have a look at the Bellabee in a little more detail. Diana says it is so easy to use, just put in on your head, and you will experience relief from anxiety and stress within 30 minutes. What better way to spend your money than getting relief in 30 minutes, not the usual 30 weeks with a counsellor, says Diana! The Bellabee review site talks about how you could use the Bellabee for 30 days before deciding if it works or not. One lady who used the Bellabee said after 30 days, when she was ready to give up, she walked outside and noticed that everything seemed suddenly brighter. So the main key here is to feel the safety that could be achieved from the Bellabee, remember try for at least 30 days. Diana recommends using the Bellabee for one hour twice each day. There is personal setting that you can adjust, to improve sleep or for meditation. If still needing help you could reach out to a neurofeedback specialist for their recommendation on what settings to use. Remember you can create your own personalized therapy with the settings on the Bellabee. This is easy, just like adjusting volume on the television or sound system.

Remember, when experiencing those moments when you feel just ready to give up, the brainwaves are in a certain frequency. The brainwaves are created due to your past experience and your beliefs hold them there. At RelationshipsPTSD we work with your beliefs and reaching your future goals. The Bellabee uses soundwave technology to match the emotion you want to feel. Now I know you are asking what happens if I feel better, but then stop using the Bellabee. The answer is simple. The same answer to the question “can I get fit and then stop moving?”. The body, and the brain require constant attention to maintain the same equilibrium. The Bellabee will need to be used on an ongiong basis to maintain the contented state that you reach.

All I can say it go over to Bellabee and give it a try.