PTSD and Covid-19

PTSD Covid-19And just when we thought that isolation would provide us with the time, space and relaxation we needed; we are now faced with an old attic friend, the memory! For those with more time on their hands than they had every imagined, the memory can play tricks. This can be particularly distressing for those suffering PTSD.

So, what can we do to release this stress and move away from those memories we no longer want to live in? Potentially traumatic experiences can include any perceived or actual threat, physical or otherwise. This can be experienced once off, or in a repeated fashion. Why is this important now? Because in this new world we still need access to people who understand our situation.

Our focus here at has always been to work with those suffering the effects of childhood abuse on their current and future capacity to develop safe and meaningful relationships. What we are seeing now, with Covid-19, is some people’s desire to get away from the past pain, combined with the isolation enforced by Governments across the world, can present an inescapable pathway to pain. Our goal is to help you into a safer, more meaningful space in your life, so that you can find appropriate relationships.

We have had success working with a small number of people, in a more accessible online environment. This does not produce the same level of meeting that a face to face experience holds. However, in the Covid-19 space, an online experience can become an essential tool in accessing the help you need.

Please feel free to contact us, so that we can work with you, towards better relationships in your life.